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Lactobacillus 563 billion active cultures
Lactobacillus 563 billion active cultures
Lactobacillus 563 billion active cultures
Lactobacillus 563 billion active cultures
Lactobacillus 563 billion active cultures

Lactobacillus 563 billion active cultures

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(Believe in yourself and you will reach beyond your dreams.  important information .  Instructions must be strictly adhered to in order to reach an impressive result)

Natural Digestive Health and Wellness

Advanced Enzymes with Probiotics

Optimal support for digestion

563 billion active cultures per daily dose†

Non-GMO Certified by NSF

Nutritional supplements


No additional fillers

Hope Alliance

Vitamin support proudly

Enzyme deficiency can result from a combination of age, diet, and lifestyle. These deficiencies can lead to various digestive problems, such as occasional gas, bloating, constipation and upset stomach.

Digestive strengthening with enzymes and probiotics can promote optimal digestion while maintaining a natural digestive balance to support overall digestive health.

563 billion species of beneficial bacteria contain an improved enzyme formula that breaks down carbohydrates, fats, fiber and proteins. Probiotics provide additional support for the digestive system by increasing enzyme production and promoting regular bowel movements is an exclusive process that combines multiple strains of enzymes active at different pH levels. The enzymes in Bacteroidetes have been shown to be three times stronger and six times faster than other leading digestive supplements.

Plan to burn fat and lose weight to the desired level. JUST PLAN YOUR NEW LIFE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Brought to you by SISTERS STENO MEDUSA to Hollywood celebrities and supermodels. and famous athletes. The plan is that from the beginning of human life in our new era, a person eats harmful things such as canned food, 60% of preservatives that harm the stomach, and drinks that contain dyes, harmful colors, and frying oils, and when a person takes medicines that contain cortisone, painkillers, and needles. Etc..., which leads to the deposition of a thick layer of dirt and sediment on the stomach wall that negatively affects the work of enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach wall and negatively affects the work of the thyroid gland. You become in a permanent lethargy, the body becomes exposed to satiation or obesity, and this leads to the accumulation of stubborn fats, and the person becomes in constant depression and permanent sagging.

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat or drink into energy. During this complex process, calories in food and drink are combined with oxygen to produce the energy your body needs to function
1- It is necessary to eat 563 billion beneficial bacteria

Lactobacillus 563 billion active cultures
And 55 strains of beneficial microorganisms
It is a group of beneficial bacteria that help clean the walls of the stomach and intestines
and colon. And the
Rid the body and the digestive system in general from the accumulation of toxins.
180 capsules
One tablet in the morning before eating
With the necessary drinking of water, and one in the evening before bed
It is forbidden to eat the following
Stay away from these dangerous foods while eating 563 billion beneficial bacteria
Forbidden foods, beware of eating them
The fast lifestyle, the temptations of eating that surround us, and the ease of ordering fast food helped in not sticking to diets. Therefore, we offer you the most important and dangerous prohibited foods to maintain health and fitness and remove the rumen at the same time
First: it is forbidden
Quickly digestible starches are one of the causes of obesity and are considered one of the most dangerous forbidden foods, because they cause a feeling of hunger after a short period of eating them. One of the most important elements of quickly digestible starches

White pasta
Baked goods made from white flour
French fries and potato chips
Fried crackers of all kinds
Cornflakes or corn flakes
Second: it is forbidden
Fats and some dairy and cheese products
There must be a percentage of fat in the foods we eat, but we must choose the fats that are commensurate with the diet, and stay away from fats that contain many calories, such as
High cheeses
Processed cheeses such as cheddar, turkey and edamame
Hydrogenated vegetable oils and frying oils of all kinds
Cheese made from vegetable oils
Third: it is forbidden
Sugars are one of the most dangerous because eating sugars stimulates the release of dopamine, which is mainly associated with feelings of happiness. Therefore, eating sugars is addictive. But this does not necessarily mean completely abstaining from sugars, but it does mean staying away from harmful sugars, the most important of which is: forbidden

white sugar
Sweets and candies
Kato and others
Chocolate bars
Ice cream
soft drinks and others
Energy Drinks
Caffeine and alcohol
Sweetened juices
High-calorie fruits such as bananas, mangoes, and dates.
dried fruits
Coffee additives such as caramel and cream

Fourth: It is forbidden to eat
Fast food and prepared foods are also causes of obesity and are considered one of the most dangerous foods that are forbidden to be eaten, because they do not take into account the appropriate nutritional values ​​​​in the meals, and they provide completely unbalanced meals. One of the most famous
the pizza
Ready sandwiches
Indomie or all kinds of noodles
Do not drink water while eating or immediately after eating
It is forbidden to eat with distractions such as watching TV, playing computer games, or talking to someone on the phone, because you will eat more without feeling.
Seventh, it is forbidden to eat
Foods rich in salt, spices, and preserved foods
Food should also be eaten slowly and chew food well, which helps to eat less food
To get to a healthy body, you must follow the following
Take the capsules regularly and do not forget that, because any delay in taking the capsule will not help anything
We advise you to download a special program on your phone from the Play Store to be reminded of the dates of the capsules.
For any inquiries, you can write to us on the site's mail, and any inquiries will be answered
You should follow up with a second or third pack, depending on your weight

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* "This product is a game-changer for digestion. Lactobacillus 563 billion is a must-have!"


* "I'm so happy I tried Lactobacillus 563 billion. It's made a noticeable difference in my digestion."


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* "Lactobacillus 563 billion is a game-changer for gut health. I'm thrilled with the results!"